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"He is a master at presiding over difficult disputes" (Chambers Europe-wide, 2023)


Comments in an article published in Global Arbitration Review on 2 May 2023:


"Marnix Leijten of De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, who sat on the tribunal which issued the BOTAŞ award, tells GAR it was a “joy” to sit with Tschanz. He calls Tschanz a “highly skilled arbitrator, who is on the ball managing the process and a seasoned analytical power on content”.  


David Owen KC of Twenty Essex says he has worked with Tschanz where he has presided over complex proceedings in London and describes him as an “outstanding international arbitrator”. He says Tschanz was an “excellent colleague” who is “highly efficient in running proceedings, exudes a calm sense of authority, and combines a meticulous eye for detail with impeccable judgement”.


Patrik Lindfors of Finnish firm Lindfors & Co tells GAR he worked with Tschanz as an arbitrator for many years. He describes him as “very analytical, hard-working and efficient” and says it was a “true pleasure” to work with him.


Frank Spoorenberg, who practised at Tavernier Tschanz with Tschanz, describes him as “certainly one of the finest specialists in international arbitration worldwide”.

He tells GAR, “Suffice to look at the complexity and value of the cases in which he is appointed as chair or arbitrator by the most sophisticated parties and the top-tier international firms. One may also look at his publications, always to the point and most helpful to the arbitration practitioner. Besides, and perhaps above all, Pierre-Yves' nature makes working with him a real pleasure.”

Pierre-Yves Tschanz of Tavernier Tschanz combines an "extremely impressive ability to master a huge amount of factual and legal material" with "examplary judgement and diplomacy".
Who's Who Legal (Arbitration), 2021

"One source describes him as 'extremely fair, balanced and very analytical in his reasoning'".
Chambers Global, Switzerland, 2021

"Interviewees enthuse that he is 'good at getting to solutions and good at taking an innovative approach'. He is also described as a 'meticulous lawyer who provides good-quality work'".
Chambers Europe, Switzerland, 2021

"He is wonderful to appear before". "He is good at getting to solutions and good at taking an innovative approach".
Chambers Europe, Europe-wide, 2021

Pierre-Yves Tschanz is recommended in the Who's Who Legal

"Pierre-Yves Tschanz is widely recognised for his activity as president and co-arbitrator on a variety of cases, including construction and gas price disputes. Sources report: 'He is wonderful to appear before', adding: 'He is good at getting to solutions and good at taking an innovative approach'
Chambers 2020. Ranked in Band 1 for Switzerland and Band 2 Global

Pierre-Yves Tschanz presided a gas price revision arbitration which issued a "landmark decision in legal and economic terms […] a thoroughly reasoned text, crafted by an eminent panel"
GAR, 14 February 2020

'High-quality Swiss boutique' Tavernier Tschanz stands out for its 'professional, pragmatic and hands-on approach' and 'thorough case analysis'. Its caseload is largely focused on the corporate, M&A, pharmaceutical, energy, commodity and transport fields. Frank Spoorenberg, who is 'clear thinking and vastly knowledgeable', and the 'reliable' Pierre-Yves Tschanz represent Çukurova in an ongoing post-M&A dispute
Legal 500 (Arbitration), 2019

Pierre-Yves Tschanz has a wealth of experience as arbitrator and arbitration counsel. Sources note that he is "discreet but extremely good, and very highly regarded in Switzerland"
Chambers Global (Arbitration), 2016

"Geneva-based Pierre-Yves Tschanz of Tavernier Tschanz is one of the top names in arbitration in Switzerland [...] 'You consistently see him on the biggest cases', confirms a source".
Chambers 2015

"The 'terrific' Pierre-Yves Tschanz has served as arbitrator in over 100 cases and is regarded as 'one of the best in the country'".
Who's Who Legal (Arbitration), 2014

Very active in arbitration and has good connections with leading international law firms
Chambers Europe (Arbitration), 2014

Senior and highly respected Swiss figure Pierre-Yves Tschanz of Tavernier Tschanz in Geneva is increasingly recognised across Europe for his "experienced and calm" presence as an arbitrator on major disputes. This is far from his exclusive focus though, with interviewees also pointing out his "very thorough and strategically clever" appearances as counsel on numerous recent cases
Chambers Europe (Arbitration), 2014

Tavernier Tschanz deals exclusively with major corporate and commercial cases, acting as advocates, arbitrators and counsel
Legal 500 (Arbitration), 2014

Pierre-Yves Tschanz of Tavernier Tschanz is a hugely experienced arbitrator and counsel who is frequently instructed in both civil and common law cases
Chambers Europe (Arbitration), 2013

Renowned Swiss arbitrator Pierre-Yves Tschanz of Tavernier Tschanz is "extremely rigorous and pays careful attention to the facts"
Chambers (Arbitration), 2012

Pierre-Yves Tschanz and Frank Spoorenberg, who has "profound knowledge of arbitration proceedings and Swiss law", lead the "high-quality, responsive and cautious" team at Tavernier Tschanz, which exclusively handles major corporate and commercial arbitration cases. Its recent caseload includes telecoms, pharmaceuticals, and construction disputes, and also cases involving shareholder agreements, technology licences and investments
Legal 500 (Arbitration), 2011

"Outstanding arbitrator"
Legal 500 (Arbitration), 2010

"Outstanding arbitrator" Pierre-Yves Tschanz and Frank Spoorenberg head the very strong arbitration team at Tavernier Tschanz, which deals exclusively with major corporate and commercial cases. Its recent caseload has included telecoms, pharmaceuticals, industrial facilities, shareholder agreements, technology licences and investments
Legal 500 (Arbitration), 2010

Pierre-Yves Tschanz is held in "extremely high regard"
Legal 500 (Arbitration), 2009

Pierre-Yves Tschanz leads the team and stands out in the field as a "fine party representative and arbitrator"
Chambers Europe and Chambers Global (Arbitration), 2009

Pierre-Yves Tschanz is a "meticulous and technically impressive practitioner" who regularly acts in high-value arbitration
Chambers Global and Chambers Europe (Arbitration), 2008

Other arbitrators recommend Pierre-Yves Tschanz at Tavernier Tschanz. They are recognizing a practitioner with many years of experience acting as counsel to parties in complex international arbitration proceedings around the globe
Legal 500 (Arbitration), 2008

"Absolutely outstanding" was how one client summed up Pierre-Yves Tschanz. Peers applaud his ability to bridge the divide between common and civil law
Chambers Global (Arbitration), 2006

Pierre-Yves Tschanz is a leading individual: The "intelligent and experienced" Pierre-Yves Tschanz was highly commended for his aptitude in arbitration. The head of the practice is active in all aspects of dispute resolution and spends a considerable amount of his time on party representation
Chambers Global (Arbitration), 2005

The firm's prowess in [dispute resolution] is largely due to the presence of the massively experienced Pierre-Yves Tschanz who has led the firm in an impressive number of large and complex cases
Legal 500 (Arbitration), 2005

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